Ezra’s Last Day of Kindergarten

As hard as it is for me to believe, Ezra finished up his Kindergarten year yesterday. The morning started off like all the others — we parked at the bottom of the hill and made the long walk up to the top. Here’s Ezra on the lower level.

Last day!

Here’s our usual morning scene on the playground.

The usual morning playground scene

The mural is a new addition and I asked Ezra to take a picture by the part of the grass he painted.

Ezra by the part of the mural he painted

After Ezra went to class I ran Finn down to Cottage and then ran back up to Aveson for the class potluck. Here he is with his teachers, Ms. Jessica (in purple), Ms. Jennee (in green) and Ms. Vonni (in blue).

Ezra and his teachers

The potluck was fun — Ezra and his friend, Jack, hammed it up for the camera before digging in to some delicious food.

Ezra and Jack

Then they did a little ceremony for the kids — each one got a certificate for completing Kindergarten, a class picture and hugs from the teachers.

Ezra gets his certificate from Ms. Jessica

Ezra and Jessica

Ezra and Jennee

Then Ms. Jennee read a book about the end of the school year and all the adults — parents and teachers alike — teared up. Such a bittersweet day.

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