Celebration of Learning #3

Ezra’s final Kindergarten Celebration of Learning happened yesterday afternoon and was wonderful just like the other two. It’s so fun to see all of his work for the trimester and see how he’s progressed.

As usual, he showed us some of the jobs he does at school.

Creation station

Addition match-ups job

We got to see his latest artwork.

Ezra's tree

I LOVE this watercolor. He told his teacher that it’s how he sees the ocean.

Water color ocean

And he read us a book!


He was very proud to show off the book he chose.

The book he read

His literacy teacher told me that he originally didn’t want to pick a book but then she found an Iron Man book and he was happy.

We measured him against the height chart from the beginning of the year.


And, of course, he’s grown!

The height chart -- he's grown!

He also made some words with blocks. This boy has a one-track mind.

e-Iron Man f-Batman

All in all, we couldn’t be happier with Ezra’s Kindergarten experience. His teachers are kind, knowledgeable and adventurous. The activities were fun while still being educational, which made the transition from our play-based preschool relatively easy.

Now, on to first grade. Yikes!

(More pictures here.)

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