“Mommy, I’m trying to read.”

Friday was Ezra’s first day back at school after Christmas break and they did some switching around between the two Kindergarten classes. The teachers put the kids into different reading groups based on their reading levels, and switched some kids to the other class. I was a little worried that the changes would make him anxious, and, in fact, he expressed some confusion about it Sunday night at bedtime. So, when I picked him up from school on Monday I was very interested to hear how his day went, if he was feeling better about the changes, and if he could tell me who was in his group. (Unlike his friend Lucy, who gives her mom a full rundown of the entire day, Ezra doesn’t talk much about school. I think it’s a boy thing.)

Anyway, he still couldn’t remember who was in his group, but said he felt a little less confused than Friday. When I pressed him for more information, he said, “Mommy, I’m trying to read.” I looked in my rearview mirror and he did have a book. And then he started reading out loud. It was awesome. I didn’t even care that it was a not-entirely-age-appropriate comic book. Needless to say, I stopped asking questions and let him go on with his reading.

Ezra reading

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  1. Jokke

    YEAH! That’s the way to do it
    I bet he’ll be fast with it
    I love that boy
    anyway it will be more interesting with all the pics from the comix
    I loved them, when my father brought home some Marvel, Superman, fanta4, the green lantern or the silver surfer in the … my gosh when the .. was that?!!!
    *big fat grin*

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