Finn and Sangeet’s Game

Finn’s class periodically has a class store where they can make things and then sell them to classmates. For the first one, he and Bruce made a watermelon out of Papier-mâché. This time, he and his friend Sangeet decided to make a game. Here is their initial sketch.


It’s a little bit like skee-ball in that you throw balls and try to get into certain holes for more points. I don’t have any pictures of them building it, but here are a couple of them painting it. It’s made of chicken wire, cardboard, and plastic tubing.



Here’s a shot of Finn on his way to school the morning of the store. The final paint job took on an Olympic theme.


And here’s a shot his teacher took during the store.


They decided not to sell the game itself. Instead they sold turns to play it and win candy. It was apparently a huge hit.

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