Memorial Day in Laguna

We had a great Memorial Day weekend with the Bannings in Laguna. Bruce and Rob spent a good amount of time rebuilding a fence and doing some repairs, and Cari and I got in two long walks and lots of time on the beach with the kids.

2013-05-25 16.04.27

2013-05-25 16.21.49

2013-05-25 16.24.39

2013-05-25 18.11.45

2013-05-26 15.30.43

2013-05-26 16.05.10

Bruce discovered this awesome orb weaver in the garden.

2013-05-27 09.21.30

Ezra took a turn at being Sigmund the Sea Monster while building a penguin nest with Ruby.

2013-05-27 16.00.06

And there was lots of bike riding.

2013-05-27 18.51.23

2013-05-27 18.52.09-1

All in all, an excellent way to spend a weekend! (More pictures here.)

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