Christmas Little Free Library

Ever since our Little Free Library got its Halloween facelift, we’ve been thinking about what we could do for Christmas. Finn wanted to make it into an acorn, which is cute but doesn’t exactly say Christmas. We also thought about a Christmas tree or Santa, but settled on an ornament. Yesterday Bruce set about making it happen.

Cutting and drilling



Hot glue gun

We put the first pass up yesterday evening and it just seemed like it wasn’t quite right.

First pass ... not quite right

It didn’t have as much pop as we were hoping for, the cap looked too small and the wire hook, while cute, was obscured by the trees.

So, we Googled ornament images to come up with some type of embellishment. We settled on snowflakes.


Bruce then made the cap bigger and ditched the wire for wood covered in silver tape.

New cap

A little glitter on the snowflakes was the finishing touch.

Snowflakes and new cap

This morning Take 2 was up.

Take 2

Much, much cuter!

Long shot

Merry Christmas!


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  1. Auntie Rhonda

    This is the cutest thing I have ever seen…..The ornament is facinating….but the whole family involvement is just so CHRISTMASY and TOUCHING~love you guys to pieces~ AR

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