I Speak Finn

Finn, like most kids his age, has some very fun pronunciations and phrases. Ezra did, too, but I failed to write them down and now I can’t remember most of them. So, I’m not making that mistake again. Here are some of my favorites:

coo me = excuse me (usually shouted from the back seat of the car while Bruce and I are talking)

nakim = napkin

douf = mouth (as in, “Can I put bankie in my douf?”)

Joe O Os = Joe’s Os (i.e., Trader Joe’s version of Cheerios)

ban-a-a = banana

beasure tape = measuring tape (from his toy tool box)

cass = class (“Mommy, you work in my cass?”)

cool = school (“I go to cool today???”)

bilk = milk

cooch me in = scooch me in (usually shouted at meal time)

e-meal or a-meal = oatmeal

that guy = anyone (male or female) who isn’t Bruce, Ezra, or me

no, one minute = yes (in response to the question, “Finn, are you poopy?”)

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