Ezra has been asking to do gymnastics lately so last week we signed up for classes.  Even though Finn’s not 3 yet, they kindly let him enter the 3-4 class so he can go too.  Each class is about 50 minutes and the boys have a blast.  I was pleasantly surprised at how cooperative Ezra was the first day.  When he took the Parent & Me class as a 2 year old he was never, ever interested in waiting his turn or sitting down to listen to instructions.  What a difference three years makes, I guess.  Here are some pics.

Sadly, I didn’t have my camera set properly so most of my still pics of Ezra are at least this blurry, if not worse.

Ezra's warm up jumps

Ezra taking off for the big jump into the pit

Finn doing warm up jumps

Finn gets a high five for jumping all the way across