Monday, Monday

Regular old Monday here.  Ezra had school so Finn and I dropped him off and ran some errands.  He likes to throw pennies in the fountain at the bank, so after I was done with business there (and after he’d been admired my favorite teller), I dug out some pennies from my purse and he made wishes for the whole family.  Apparently, he wants a bike.

This afternoon we went up to the park and ran around for a little while.  Part of the play structure was blocked off with caution signs and netting, which, of course, made it the most interesting thing in the park.  Ezra and Finn understood they had to stay away from it, and both of them were very worried when another little boy ignored the signs and crawled right in … until his mother showed up to shoo him out.  Here are some pictures from our park outing.

Ezra's funny face

Finn snacking

Finn upset that the ice cream cart guy was leaving