Finn’s 3rd Birthday Party

We decided to throw Finn his first kid birthday party this year, in part because he was so excited at Ezra’s. We just invited a few families so it wouldn’t be too overwhelming (he is only three for Pete’s sake), and he had a blast. It really was like an oversized play date, except for the main activity which was chalk-making. Bruce and the other dads did most of the child supervision, leaving the moms to gather around the picnic table and enjoy some good snacks.

I Speak Finn Part II

Finn’s been figuring out contractions lately. This morning he said, “We aren’tn’t,” which sounds like aren’t-ent. My favorite remains, “I amn’t,” which is, of course, usually screamed.

Happy 3rd Birthday, Finn!

Finn turned three today, so we had a mini-celebration with the Heffs this morning. The plan was to walk over and buy cupcakes at our favorite shop around the corner, but when we got there it was closed. So, we just bought cake mix and frosting at the local CVS and made the cupcakes at home. Finn was very excited to get to help use the electric mixer. The kids decorated their cupcakes with M&Ms and wolfed them down (well, except our delicate eater, Charlie).

Lucy, Finn, Ezra and Charlie enjoy their creations

I always marvel at just how wide Finn can open his mouth.

After the Heffernans left, we had our usual quiet time with a show (his current favorite, Yo Gabba Gabba), with the plan being that when the show was over it would be nap time. I figured he was really hopped up on sugar and could be difficult to get down. However, when I came back in to check on him about 20 minutes later, he was passed out on the couch. Always cute.

The Sleeping Dragon

Duck, Duck, Goose

I took the boys to Descanso Gardens this morning, and braved the cold (Eek! 58 degrees!). We had walked up to see the ducks in their usual hang-out, but none were there. As we walked back along the road, we discovered a goose and two ducks wandering around. Then they formed a line — the goose first, then the ducks. Ezra and Finn couldn’t help but join in, and soon they were in line behind the animals, flapping their arms, Ezra shouting “Quack, quack!” and Finn shouting, “Cack, cack!” I only had my iPhone camera with me so I wasn’t quite fast enough to capture the best moment, but these pictures will have to suffice.

Spring Cleaning

The boys decided they wanted to do a little “cleaning” today, so after fighting over the Swiffer WetJet for a while, they finally settled on scrubbing the kitchen counter. It started off fairly tame — despite Finn yelling constantly for me to turn the water on higher — but by the end the soap usage was off the charts and there were suds everywhere. I’m certain that portion of the counter has never been cleaner.

Two Faces of Ezra

Ezra ran the gamut of emotions today.

Angry at Finn for getting him with the hose.

Blissful while eating the ice cream sandwich he got from the vendor who walks by our house everyday.

One Crazy Rainy Day

This week has been weird as far as weather goes. Monday morning it poured; yesterday it was sunny and mid-80s. The boys were delighted with the rain and dressed in all their rain gear Monday for our outing to one of the local indoor playgrounds. Ezra ran straight to the car, but Finn lingered to fully utilize his umbrella under the area where the roof comes together and creates quite a stream of water. I just can’t get over how cute he looks in his rain gear.

I Speak Finn

Finn, like most kids his age, has some very fun pronunciations and phrases. Ezra did, too, but I failed to write them down and now I can’t remember most of them. So, I’m not making that mistake again. Here are some of my favorites:

coo me = excuse me (usually shouted from the back seat of the car while Bruce and I are talking)

nakim = napkin

douf = mouth (as in, “Can I put bankie in my douf?”)

Joe O Os = Joe’s Os (i.e., Trader Joe’s version of Cheerios)

ban-a-a = banana

beasure tape = measuring tape (from his toy tool box)

cass = class (“Mommy, you work in my cass?”)

cool = school (“I go to cool today???”)

bilk = milk

cooch me in = scooch me in (usually shouted at meal time)

e-meal or a-meal = oatmeal

that guy = anyone (male or female) who isn’t Bruce, Ezra, or me

no, one minute = yes (in response to the question, “Finn, are you poopy?”)

Friday Afternoon Easter Egg Dyeing

We had the Heffs over for a play date yesterday and decided to do some egg dyeing. Ezra had done this at school on Wednesday, but this was Finn’s first time. He was, as expected, not the most patient egg-dyer. His eggs came out very light colored, and instead of using the little wand to retrieve them, he just stuck his whole hand in the cup. It was pretty comical — and messy — and a good time was had by all.

Finn goes fishing while Charlie patiently waits

Ezra only wanted to do blue ones

Ezra shows off the bounty

Finn peeling his egg:

The Big Rope

This week’s gymnastics class had a big finish — the kids got to swing out over the pit on a big rope, while, theoretically, other kids threw big foam blocks at them. Fun ensued.

Post-Cottage Coma

In typical fashion, Finn totally passed out yesterday after school. And, he looked like such a Cottage kid — paint on his face, hands stained red from the food coloring in the squirt bottles, naked but for a Pull-Up — that I had to capture the moment.

Two Years Ago

I was working on a video yesterday in iMovie and I came across this old video (from February 2008) in my archives. Ezra is almost 3 and Finn is almost 1. I love how intently Finn watches Ezra during parts of it. I also love how Finn just can’t quite get the blocks into the box.

Giraffe Pool

A couple of weeks ago, Ezra and I were at Target and he picked out a new pool for us — the squirting giraffe pool. It was in the mid-80s this weekend so we pumped it up, filled it up, and let the kids loose. Ezra decided the pool had to face the playhouse because the dragon he made (“Dragony”) is there. We also have the added bonus of the zip line this year:

As a note, even though Finn is yelling that it’s his turn next, he refused to go. A little while later, he finally agreed, but only when Bruce was holding him.

Before the swimming could take place, Finn had to have a chat with the giraffe to let him know what was going to happen. I couldn’t hear him very clearly from my vantage point, but I believe he told the giraffe that he and Ezra were going to take a bath in him.