Bike to Work Day 2019

For some reason, Bike to Work Day in Palo Alto falls under the purview of the Safe Routes to School team, so while I was planning three “Getting to High School” events for our middle schools, Rosie was knee-deep in BTWD and the end of day bash. I was set to work at the Wilkie Way station early in the morning of May 9th. I enlisted Bruce to make pancakes, taking over for cyclist extraordinaire, Rob Robinson, who’d done it in past years. It was a busy morning, so I don’t have a lot of photos, but he’s one of the early crew setting up.

The station saw tons of riders and we made batches and batches of pancakes. BTWD is no small event in Palo Alto! The Branches of Bryant folks had decorated their trees for the event and had their own station.

The Bike Away from Work Bash was a working party for me — I was charged with photographing the event. Here are a few of my photos of some of my biking friends and colleagues: Rosie and Rob, Cynthia, and Maylyn: