Solar Eclipse

On August 21st, we joined in the eclipse madness, although we didn’t travel for it, instead opting for the partial eclipse we could see from Palo Alto. Finn’s school provided glasses for all the kids; Ezra took a pair of Google-issued glasses Bruce brought home. They both got to see it while they were at school. Bruce got good views at work thanks to his optical-expert colleagues. I went to the Stanford Dish with some friends to get an unobstructed view with a little exercise on the side.

Here are a couple of shots of our group, organized by my friend Lisa in the white striped shirt.




And here are my four amateur iPhone photos of the eclipse.


It was really interesting and fun to see the eclipse … and a little eerie with the way the light changed. Bruce and I decided that we have to travel to get the full effect of the next one!

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