San Francisco Day Trip

After returning from SoCal, we had about a week and a half before school started. Luckily that coincided with our Pasadena friends, Elizabeth, Edie and Richie’s annual trip to San Francisco to visit family (and friends!). On Thursday, August 10th we drove up to meet them at the deYoung Museum in Golden Gate Park. Elizabeth wanted to see the Summer of Love exhibit before it moved on. Unfortunately, so did seemingly everyone else within a 30 mile radius, so the crowds were tough. I would’ve loved to get a better view had we been able to get closer to the objects, but what we did see was cool. The kids liked this psychedelic room with its furry beanbags.


In another area of the museum, I enjoyed this giant blown glass still life.


We also went way up to get a bird’s eye view.




Next we walked to the Japanese Tea Garden where the kids ran around like crazies.




After the garden, we went to a park for a while and then we drove to Elizabeth’s mom’s house not too far away. Ezra was completely enthralled by her giant cats! This one is Bob. He was not happy.


It was a great day, and despite my cursing the traffic, we all had a fabulous time with friends!

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