Ezra’s “Dig” Field Trip

One of the first units of sixth grade study for Ezra was about archaeology. He seems to have taken to the subject and enjoyed the project of making up a civilization and creating its artifacts. The culmination of the unit was a field trip to the beach, where the artifacts were buried and teams of students dug up and analyzed other teams’ artifacts. Luckily he’s still happy to have me along on field trips, so on September 13th, we drove to Pacifica State Beach at Linda Mar.

The teachers had set out grids for each civilization. This is Ezra’s group’s.


Before any artifacts could be buried, there was playing to be done. We were at the beach after all.





Finally it was time for each team to bury their creations. Ezra made a golden chicken bone on a stick and a silver helmet.




He had a good time doing the burying, but was disappointed when it came time to dig for the other group’s artifacts. Apparently someone else dug up the grid that he was supposed to dig, but he didn’t know it, so he dug and dug but never found anything. Luckily he was still happy to be in the sand. Some things never change.


It was a pretty nice day for a field trip to the beach.


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