We have been holding off on getting a pet for years. Years! The boys have wanted one but with Bruce’s allergies and then the move back into a rental, we just couldn’t. Finally, we’re in our own place again and, for better or worse, Bruce was game for trying, so we got kittens in August. August 19th to be exact.



We named them after female mathematicians, Sophie Germain and Emmy Noether. They’re hard to tell apart so Bruce drew a helpful reminder.


This is Sophie.


And this is Emmy.


Bruce had some initial trouble with the allergies, but we’ve taken every measure we can to make this work and it seems okay now. The boys are in heaven.

I have a ton more pictures of their first weekend here.

First Day of School 2016

I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to starting school in August, but that’s how it works … so, on August 16th the boys packed up their new backpacks and headed out. (Don’t worry, Finn tied his shoe before he left.)


Ezra has to leave quite a bit earlier this year. I’d planned to ride with him but he met his friend, Henry, and they seemed just fine so this is the last I saw of him.


I did get to ride with Finn though. Here he is going into class. He looks glum, I think because none of his friends from last year’s class were in the same class this year.


And there’s his teacher, Mrs. Johnson, who rocks! Ezra had her too, so we are thankful for some continuity and just knowing ahead of time that she’s great.


Here’s Finn at his desk.


And he got lucky #11 for his student number this year.


I kinda hate that they number the kids, but if it has to be so, at least he got Anze Kopitar’s number!


I am way behind on posting, but I’m going to carry on as if it weren’t two months after the fact. We had visitors! Two sets! First up was the Compton/Pulsinelli family. We took them over to X and dazzled them with massage chairs, nap pods, crazy inventions, and snack bins. Just like our boys, I think their girls would’ve moved in if they could. After that we came back for some regular old hang out time at home. Here’s Bruce and most of the kids making watermelon juice. Put ’em to work is his philosophy!


And here’s the whole gang at dinner.


The next day we had Elizabeth, Edie, and Richie over for lunch and play. We also took them to X — it’s just such a weird place you have to do it! Here’s my one picture from their visit.


Elizabeth and I were too busy gabbing for more pictures. The kids had a great time too. We love visitors and so appreciate people coming by!