First Pinewood Derby

I got a little sidetracked with the whole buying a house thing so I am woefully behind on the blog. Let’s see if I can catch up …

Way back at the beginning of April, the boys participated in their first Pinewood Derby. Bruce guided them through the process, but they did almost all of the work on the cars from design to finish. I think the wheels were the only part that Bruce felt was beyond their skill level. Here are few shots of the building process.




Finn went full LA Kings with his design, including his favorite player, Tyler Toffoli’s number 73.


Ezra’s car had a less specific theme, but was just as cool.


Here’s Ezra at the pre-race weigh-in.


My shots from the actual race are terrible, so there’s no point in posting them. Both cars were pretty fast. I think Ezra won his group and Finn got second, if memory serves. Here they are with their certificates. Finn was disappointed that there was little appreciation for his Kings car (his award is for best use of racing stripe) but I guess that’s to be expected in Sharks territory.


Ezra won for coolest design.


Good work, Moisions!

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