Colonial Day

Fifth graders at Fairmeadow get to have a special day to commemorate their studies of Colonial times. This year Colonial Day was at the end of March, right before the start of Spring Break. I volunteered to photograph the event, which meant I got to see the goings on first hand. It was a great day!

There were several activity booths including butter-making, tin lantern making, sewing, dancing, badminton, a school, an apothecary, and, of course, a saloon. There was also a silversmith booth, which turned out to be Ezra’s favorite. Each student “worked” a booth for part of the day and had the rest of the day to choose other activities. Here’s Ezra with a couple of friends at the beginning of the day.


Here he’s working on his tin lantern.



He also took a turn trying badminton, which is surprisingly hard.


Here are Ezra and his best friends, Henry and Emerson once again at the silversmith booth.


I also popped into Ezra’s classroom and nosed around a bit. I found a wall where there were short stories about kindness. This one is Ezra’s.


Since I was one of the “official” photographers, I have a ton of photos. To see the rest of them and get a feel for the day, click here.

Easter 2016

Easter this year brought low-key to a new level. I did Easter baskets for the kids, and we had our traditional Easter egg hunt in the back yard and that was about it. I only have pictures from the hunt but it was a pretty good one. It started off like normal …




… but then Finn found an egg that felt empty. He was about to throw it out when Bruce encouraged him to open it.


Turns out it was a treasure map!



The boys figured out the map quickly, grabbed a couple of shovels, and started digging.


I was a little worried we were going to have a repeat of broken pipe day, but they ended up finding the treasure chest without any drama.



They quickly split up the eggs in the treasure chest and did some more hunting to make sure they’d found all the candy we’d put out. Then they pretty much ate candy for the rest of the day. In other words, it was a perfect day.