Hipster Bruce

Last month they were going to do some filming at Google[x] and, of course, Bruce couldn’t let that pass without a prank. As with many of his pranks, the idea solidified in the late afternoon of the day before he wanted to do it. The item needed: a wig.

After school, Ezra and I ran to the huge party store in Mountain View which luckily had a pretty good supply of wigs. Most of them, however, were for more outlandish costumes and not something one would wear in order to fake real hair. But we came up with two choices, valiantly modeled by Ezra.

The Unisex:


And The Beatles:


For Ezra, I think the Beatles is the clear winner, but Bruce liked the tousled look for himself.


He tried wearing it for a while that evening, just to get used to it. He also added a few accessories; here’s one.


I’m pretty sure my mom had this same hairstyle for most of the 70s and 80s. For work the next morning, he went with the cap.


About halfway through the day, I figured out who he reminded me of.


Best $30 I ever spent.

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