Bike Palo Alto

On October 5th we participated in a Bike Palo Alto event, which promotes, obviously, bike riding in Palo Alto. They prepared three routes that highlight the bike trails and bridges around the city, and there were treats stops along the way. Finn didn’t come because he was at a classmate’s birthday party, but Ezra, Bruce and I joined up with our new friends the Aubins who recently moved here from Calgary. Ezra and their son Lucas have become fast friends. Most of my pictures are blurry because I took them on my phone which was attached to my [moving] bike. But here’s one of Ezra and Lucas on one of the lovelier trails.


The treat stops were generally healthy (oranges/bananas, water) and informative (route options and advice), but the best stop was at the Sweet Shop in Los Altos, where we got free frozen yogurt and admired their Little Free Library. Bruce had also made a fast friend — the Aubins’ oldest daughter Gabby.


There was another stop at a park, which gave the kids a nice play break. I had to leave from there in order to pick up Finn  from his party, but everyone else continued the loop.

I’m not sure if the timing was coincidental or not, but the next Wednesday was Bike to School Day. We bike to school every day so of course we participated. They made a chart to show how everyone got to school.¬†Pretty good!


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