Disneyland with the Gottardis

Mike, Carla and the girls are down in So Cal this week for a three day (!) visit to Disneyland. I would die, but they are true Disney fanatics and invited us to join them one of the days. So, yesterday the boys and I went to Disneyland! (Big shout out to my friend Jay who got us in for free saving me a gigantic amount of money!)

After a nice visit with Jay, our day started off with lunch since the Gottardis had skipped breakfast and my boys were starving as usual. Off to Tomorrowland we went.

Lunch with cousins

Next up was the giant marble that the kids enjoyed pushing around.

Ezra and Kendra with the giant marble

Even though it was wet.

Giant marble

Since we were right there and it was time for Jedi training, we headed over to the stage to see what that was all about. Despite their best efforts, the boys did not get picked to be among the lucky few future-Jedis.

Pick me!

But we stayed to watch anyway and it was fun. Darth Vader showed up.

Darth Vader!

Then we went on perennial favorite It’s a Small World. The line moved quickly and the ride was fun, especially all done up for Christmas.

Entering It's a Small World

Small World

Autopia was the next ride on tap — luckily we had fast passes so we didn’t have too long a wait. Finn drove me; Ezra drove Uncle Mike.

Finn drives

Ezra and Uncle Mike

Post-drive face

The Buzz Lightyear ride was also a hit, although it took the boys a little time to get the hang of shooting the laser guns. Here they are listening to Buzz’s instructions.

Listening to Buzz's instructions

After that we headed over to California Adventure to check out the new Cars Land. It didn’t disappoint — it was a great re-creation of the movie and the rides were fun. The lines were long though …


Kendra and Ezra's U2 photo

(I Instagrammed this photo because I thought it looked like a 1980s U2 cover.)

Here are a few pictures from the Mater tow truck spinning ride and Luigi’s tire ride. It’s hard to take pictures while you’re spinning, so excuse the blurriness.

Blurry Mike and Carla

Emily and Kendra spinning

Finn spinning


Tire ride

We had dinner there and then waited in a very long line for the Soaring over California ride which is one of my all-time favorites. Everyone loved it and the boys said, repeatedly, that it was worth the hour-long wait.

Here are a couple of pictures of the cousins in front of the big Christmas tree.



It was a very fun, very long day that included a last minute trip to the Lego store at Downtown Disney and a near meltdown (on my part) trying to find the car. But eventually I made it home with two sleepy, happy boys.

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