Halloween 2012

Another fun Halloween has come and gone. Here’s how it happened. First things first, we had to figure out something to do with the library for the night, especially since we got this nice write-up on Tuesday. We decided to take the books out and replace them with some dry ice. We also covered the light with red tissue paper for a nice effect. Of course, we had to test out the dry ice first — the kids’ favorite part.

Dry ice test

It really was fun for the whole family.

Dry ice testing

Finn and Papa

Ezra checks out the dry ice

When it finally started to get a little dark we put it in the library.

Dry ice in the library

Ezra checks out the library

It was very hard to get a good shot of it, but hopefully you get the idea.

Glowing library

Next up: trick or treating with the Heffs!

Ready to go!

Two bats

Bat in a tree

Posing with the web

Finn and Charlie

My friend Julie and her family (and her neighbors) joined us as well, and about 6:15 we were off.

Trick or treating

Trick or treating

Trick or treating

One of my favorite moments was when Finn got a Pixy Stick at one house and asked Julie what it was. He was sure he wanted it, even though he had no idea what it would be. She told him it was like “sugar sand” and he was sold.

What is it?

The boys’ “hand bags” filled up pretty quickly.

Two bats

After a long loop around Topeka and Atchison we were finally home.


The spider web looked great, especially with some additional lights and the jack-o-lanterns.

Web looks good!

The kids enjoyed handing out candy on our porch while the grownups had dinner.

Handing out candy

Later, more dry ice fun ensued.

Dry ice pumpkin

Finally, it was time for bed. Ezra wrote a note to the Candy Fairy who would come to take most of the candy (they kept five pieces each) and replace it with something else good. Here’s Ezra’s note, along with the Candy Fairy’s responses.

Letter, page 1

Letter, page 2

And the loot she brought.

What the Candy Fairy brought

Of course, this morning when the boys discovered it, Finn lost his mind because he thought he was leaving the five pieces for her and the rest of the candy was for him to keep. Um, no. You’re totally missing the point of the Candy Fairy, Finn. But Ezra generously offered three of his pieces and Finn snapped out of his meltdown pretty quickly. Now they’re at school with the rest of the sleep-deprived kids on a major sugar crash. Good luck to their teachers!

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