Sunday Morning Hike

We took the boys up part of the Altadena Crest Trail on Sunday — a short loop starting around Mt. Curve/Maiden Lane and ending up at Lake/Loma Alta. The beginning is an old road that passes by the backyards of the neighborhood houses (including our gardener, Vivien’s house). At one point, there is a rock sculpture that the boys thought was pretty cool. Bruce decided to do some “repair” work and put some rocks back that had fallen.

Rock formation

As he touched things, of course, more rocks fell. Ezra got a little worried and asked Bruce to STOP!


Along the path, someone has put a swing which both boys enjoyed.



This is the only real climb — which is a good thing because Finn was about done at this point.


All in all, this hike was very successful and just the right length for little Moision tolerance levels.

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