Playing Catch-up

I feel like we’ve just been running from one house to the other, having appointments with contractors, making phone calls to get quotes, etc. and I haven’t really posted much. So, I’m combining last week into one post of randomness.

Here’s Finn enjoying his ice cream cone on Friday. (At Ezra’s request we went to Baskin Robbins after school.)

Finn tackles the sugar cone

Here he shows off his physique complete with tool belt. He was doing some important work around the house.

Finn has a job to do

Ezra put up this sign … on his closet. Not sure what that’s about.

Ezra's sign

And here are a few from the new house. The boys like to sit on the stoop for snack time.

The boys have a snack on the stoop

Finn pretending to be a tree in the front jungle … er … yard.

Finn as a tree

They discovered this weekend that the giant windows in the living room actually open and they can get out that way. Ugh.

The boys discover that the window opens

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