Another Lost Tooth!

Ezra’s second tooth came out on Thursday but he didn’t even notice. He came home from school and was telling me what he learned about Martin Luther King, Jr. that day, when I noticed the hole in his mouth was even bigger. He was very surprised to hear the tooth was gone. He thinks he lost it at school, but I’m guessing he probably swallowed it.

Second tooth: gone

(Note Finn trying to pull his Angry Bird plush toy through the slats in his chair. Crazy kid.)

He was worried about the Tooth Fairy, but I told him if he wrote a note and explained what happened she’d probably leave something under his pillow. We all forgot about it Thursday night, but Friday he wrote a note:

Ezra's note for the Tooth Fairy

A little demanding, perhaps, but he did draw hearts and teeth. She must not have been too offended because she responded with her own note last night. She couldn’t find the tooth at Aveson but will keep looking. And she left him four quarters. He loves coins so life is good.

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