We had gymnastics this morning and again the boys had a great time.  Here’s Ezra’s big jump — only a little blurry.

This afternoon we had to go by my dad’s house to check on the air conditioner and fan situation (and make sure the system wasn’t burning itself up), and so, as bribery for cooperation getting in and out of the house quickly, we went to Hamilton Park around the corner.  It’s always fun and strange for me to take them to the park that I spent so much time at as a kid.  Of course, like every other park in Pasadena, the playground has been completely revamped.  Gone is the deathtrap merry-go-round in favor of safer play structures.  They had a good time, although Finn’s pleas to go home make me suspect he’s still not feeling up to par.

Here’s Ezra trying to drink from the misting machine.