No Good Time Goes Unpunished

I had a fantastically relaxing weekend in Palm Springs with Janice, returning late last night to find Bruce miserable with cold symptoms again.  We thought he had recovered from the cold and infection of two weeks ago, but he seems to have relapsed.  In addition, Finn woke up at about midnight yelling, “Ouch, ouch!”  When I went into his room, I discovered he had a poopy diaper and a very bad rash … as well as a fever (100.8).  Ugh.  After some Children’s Tylenol and some cuddling, he went back to sleep in his room and seemed to rest just fine until about 7:30 this morning.  The fever was back (100.4) and he was grumpy as ever.  He got more Tylenol and shunned his breakfast (Cream of Wheat) in favor of crackers on the couch.  So, our scheduled play date has been canceled and we are now quarantined for another Moision sick day.